That Cat’s Out of the Bag and It Didn’t Catch Your Tongue

That Cats Out Of The Bag And It Didnt Catch Your Tongue

Let’s debunk speech therapy myths together!

Speech therapy is a type of therapy that most home health care services in Ohio provide. It is a type of therapy that deals with communication challenges, focusing on face, mouth, and tongue movement.

Speech therapists or speech pathologists work with patients with communication challenges. These can be caused by factors, such as a stroke, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, autism, dementia, speech impediments, swallowing disorders, and more.

Following this sentence alone, it speaks for itself that speech therapy is not only applicable to children with speech impediments but for people of all ages.

With that being said, let’s unmask common myths about speech therapy!

  • Myth #1: Only works with lisps and stutters
    As mentioned, speech therapy is not only applicable to speech impediments. Speech pathologists also work with people that require oral skills improvement.
  • Myth #2: It only concerns talking
    Speech therapy can help people with the conditions and problems, such as:
    • Aphasia
    • Cleft palate
    • Developmental disorders like specific language disability, autism, and stuttering
  • Myth #3: Only professionals can do it
    Family involvement is encouraged in speech therapy, too. Speech therapists can supervise family members by teaching them oral and speech exercises with their loved one.

As a provider of skilled nursing in Chillicothe, Ohio, we understand the importance of communication in everyday life. Being able to express our thought and feelings will help us accomplish various goals and responsibilities.

So, if your loved one needs a helpful provider of speech therapy, you can count on Buckeye Home Health Care. Our team can team you with a reliable and trained home health aide in Westerville, Ohio, today!

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