Facts to Share About Skilled Nursing Care

Facts To Share About Skilled Nursing Care

If you’ve been looking into different types of home care for your elderly loved ones, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of alternatives available. It can even be quite a challenge to differentiate between various terms, right? You might be wondering, “What are the differences between these services? ” or, “Don’t these all mean the same thing? ”.

Buckeye Home Health Care not only advocates for safe and accessible home health care services in Ohio, but we also make sure that all of our clients, potential and existing, are completely informed about our services! 

So, what is there to skilled nursing care? It applies to a patient’s necessity for care that, because of its complexity and of the risks involved, can only be provided by certified nurses. It can be done in nursing homes, residential facilities, or in our case, even directly at your homes! Below are a few services you might expect under skilled nursing in Chillicothe, Ohio:

  • Tube Feeding Assistance and Management:
    Because daily calorie intake and the number of milliliters of fluid consumed per day must be taken into account, this necessitates the supervision of a professional.
  • Anticoagulation Therapy:
    Anticoagulants have been recognized as high-alert drugs, due to their potential for harm. Thus, the importance of an expert in the treatment of individuals who require anticoagulants cannot be overstated.
  • Infusion Therapy / IV Therapy:
    While providing IV fluids, nurses constantly check a patient’s fluid and electrolyte status. This is to determine the effectiveness of the infusion and to avoid complications.

You can benefit from these services right at your doors. We can also provide you with a home health aide in Westerville, Ohioand many more! Learn about how we can assist you, today! 

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