Lifestyle Tips for Seniors All Year Round

Lifestyle Tips For Seniors All Year Round

Every year is another chance to make changes, big and small, and be a better version of ourselves, even our seniors!

As you make your own resolutions this year, make sure to ask your senior loved one to do the same. Better yet, make it with them. After all, you will play a big part in making sure they stay in tiptop shape.

Not sure where to start? As your trusted provider of home health care services in Ohio, we at Buckeye Home Health Care recommend you some practical health and lifestyle tips that would benefit them all year round.

  • Get physically active
    …and be consistent about it. 20 or 30 minutes a day is a good number to start.
  • Maintain a healthy diet
    Choose a diet of green leafy vegetables and a wide variety of fruits, nuts, lean meats, healthy fats, and other food rich in antioxidants for that immunity boost.
  • Take supplements as needed
    Be sure to consult with your senior loved one’s doctor before taking any supplements to avoid side effects, especially if they are also taking a prescription medication.
  • Get plenty of rest
    Sleeping repairs the body for another day. This is especially important for your senior loved ones because they have less robust responses to infections.
  • Schedule annual physicals
    Undergoing yearly physicals is a great preventive method and alerts you of potentially serious conditions before they get worse.
  • Get assistance when they need it
    Do not wait until an accident happens. You may enlist the help of our home health aide in Westerville, Ohio, for instance, for their personal care needs and day-to-day assistance.

You may also avail of our skilled nursing in Chillicothe, Ohio if they need around-the-clock nursing care.

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