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Lifestyle Tips For Seniors All Year Round

Lifestyle Tips for Seniors All Year Round

Every year is another chance to make changes, big and small, and be a better version of ourselves, even our seniors! As you make your own resolutions this year, make sure to ask your senior loved one to do the same. Better yet, make it with...

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Tips In Taking Care Of A Dementia Patient

Tips in Taking Care of a Dementia Patient

Dementia patients don’t only suffer from deteriorating cognitive functions, they also suffer from gradually deteriorating physical mobility. Thus, caring for them could also be challenging. This holds especially true for family caregivers. It...

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Buckeye Home Health Care

When Aging Parents Need Help

When your aging parents need help to stay safe and healthy, handling the situation can be challenging. Figuring out their needs while considering their feelings at the same time can be difficult. Making important healthcare decisions for an aging...

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3 Practices For Maintaining A Healthy Heart

3 Practices for Maintaining a Healthy Heart

The human heart plays a vital role in bringing oxygen to all parts of the human body. If the heart is missing in action, it wouldn’t be possible for our body to get the oxygen it needs. That is why the presence and function of the heart is...

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image of elderly woman

Signs of Aging: When You Should Find Home Health Care Services

Age is something that afflicts us all, whether we like it or not. There is no way to stop the hands of the clock, but there are ways to make the most of the time we have. As we get older, we may not have the strength, the energy, or even the...

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How Companionship Plays a Big Role in the Journey of Aging

Maintaining your seniors’ emotional health is just as important as ensuring their physical health. You will find that when their hearts are happy and filled with love and security, it manifests in their overall state of health. They are more...

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