How to Ward off Viral Infections as a Senior

How To Ward Off Viral Infections As A Senior

Now that we are in a pandemic, we must know the different ways of how to keep ourselves healthy against viruses and bacteria that can cause deadly consequences. Studies have proven that the elderly and immunosuppressed are more susceptible to infections. So, as a senior, you must know how to avoid the different infectious agents that make you sick. If you are also receiving home health care services in Ohio, it’s also important for you to remind your caregivers to follow these safety protocols.

Caregivers should be reminded to cover their mouths and noses when they cough and sneeze, to have their own utensils and other personal items, to get vaccinated, to prepare their client’s food safely, and to wash their hands more often. Of course, professional health workers are aware of these things already but a reminder from their senior client won’t hurt.

As for the seniors, they should always eat healthy foods that nourish the body such as berries, dark leafy greens, healthy fats, probiotics, lean meats and nuts for protein, and other foods high in iron, calcium, and ascorbic acid. It’s also helpful for seniors to work on their stress management as high stress levels can dampen their immune function. Also, be sure to stay active regularly and to have enough sleep every night. Of course, if you need assistance, our skilled nursing in Chillicothe, Ohio can provide you with some as we continue to value your independence.

For more medical and health advice about protecting yourself against infections, contact Buckeye Home Health Care. We can provide you with a home health aide in Westerville, Ohio.

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