How to Ensure Senior Safety If You’re Not Home

Living with an elderly calls for extra diligence and safety measures, especially when you can’t always be around. How do you ensure their safety?

Here are some tips to make sure your older loved one can move around safely even when you’re away.

  • Call in a Home Care Pro

    Hiring in-home care aide, specifically from Buckeye Home Health Care, a provider of home health aide in Westerville, Ohio can provide your senior loved one with a safer and more controlled environment to prevent any occurrence of an accident.

  • Remove Fall Hazards

    Eliminate fall risks like wires, loose carpet, or home fixtures. Caregivers who provide home health care services in Ohio, with their compassionate personal care and knowledge, can easily recognize potential risks hidden in plain sight that can cause life-threatening injuries.

  • Provide Alert Systems

    Accidents happen without warning. Install tools that can easily notify you or authorities in times of misfortune. Place them within your loved one’s easy reach. Consider installing an alert system on readily accessible items such as a necklace and a bracelet.

  • Observe Proper Lighting

    Brighten your home as much as possible because older people need more light. Light the hallways, stairways, as well as entryways where they pass through frequently.

  • Stay Connected

    Always be updated about the status of your older loved one by taking advantage of modern communication channels such as video chat apps.

Keeping an elderly safe is hard when you’re not home. However, with skilled nursing in Chillicothe, Ohio, you can brush your worries aside. Our aides are trained to cater to personal and daily necessities that seniors may already find hard to accomplish, so they can stay well and safe even when you’re away.

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