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Common Causes Of Senior Malnutrition

Common Causes of Senior Malnutrition

Proper nutrition is crucial for everyone to stay healthy and well. However, as inevitable as it is, some sectors of the population are more prone to malnutrition than others. Among these vulnerable sectors are seniors. The aging process comes...

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Senior Foot Care Tips For Caregivers

Senior Foot Care Tips for Caregivers

Home health aides know that that proper foot care is essential to people with heart disease, diabetes, and other health conditions that cause poor blood circulation in the feet. Foot disorders are usually painful and reduce seniors’ mobility...

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Benefits Of Art Therapy For Seniors

Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors

Art therapy has extensive benefits to both seniors and younger people alike. It can provide people with an outlet to creatively express themselves, it can also help them improve critical thinking and emotional wellbeing. Besides the ones...

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Harmful Effects Of Social Isolation In Mental Health

Harmful Effects of Social Isolation in Mental Health

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our way of life. With the threat of the deadly virus everywhere, we are encouraged to stay at home to protect ourselves and the people we love. However, this also puts us at risk for social isolation....

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When Do You Need Mental Health Counseling

When Do You Need Mental Health Counseling?

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to know that we need help for our mental health issues until our condition has worsened. In some cases, even if you know you need mental health counseling in New York you may not even seek help because of the stigma...

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Insulin Shots Getting Rid Of The Fear Of Needles

Insulin Shots: Getting Rid of the Fear of Needles

If your loved one has type 2 diabetes, they may need to use insulin injections to keep their symptoms under control. We are aware that some seniors cringe at the thought of needles. If your loved one is someone who dislikes needles, Buckeye Home...

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